Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Must Be The Season of the Witch

162,000 DOJ Grand Juries produced 11 no-bills
It was a state chief judge who once remarked that a good prosecutor could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.

That statement elucidates the weak threshold that "probable cause" connotes ... but ... "all by himself", it was police officer Darren "Serve & Protect" Wilson, (the police officer who fired 12 shots at an unarmed citizen who did no-nos that
"I am not a ham sandwich"
made doctors put a band aid on Wilson) who testified convincingly to the Ferguson Grand Jury (for four hours) that he was not a ham sandwich.

The jury returned a "the not-a-ham sandwiches have it" no-bill.

Rumors have it that Wilson also brought his "guitar" to the show.

Accompanied by the McProsecutor, they presented a début of his new folk song.

Sung to the tune of "Garbage, Garbage, Garbage",  Wilson's "Remember, My Bubbas Will See You on the Streets and Call Your Name" made an impression on the 12 person grand jury.

He also wished them all Season's Greetings and gifted them with an autographed copy of the photo shown at the top of this post.

And wouldn't you know it, the world knows nothing about ham sandwiches:
The killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., by police officer Darren Wilson has made the Midwestern U.S. city a focal point for the world's media. It shone a spotlight on what the world perceived to be America's deep, entrenched problems ... British news outlets covered the night extensively: In the past few months, a number had sent war correspondents to cover the violent protests and the militarized police response ... In Germany, the criticism was harsher. The conservative newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung argued that the underlying reasons for the violence in Ferguson are deep in American society ... France's leftist Liberation newspaper took a similar focus. "A predominantly white jury chooses not to pursue another white, accused of murdering a black in a predominantly black city," the newspaper wrote, concluding that Ferguson raises yet again the question of racism and police brutality in the United States ... The paper's centrist competitor Le Monde was equally concerned about Ferguson's segregation. "Michael Brown's death had highlighted a racial divide in a city which is undergoing a demographic transition and where blacks are now majority, while municipal institutions remain dominated by whites," the paper writes ... In France, the situation also saw a political reaction, with Justice Minister Christiane Taubira also wading into the controversy:
How old was #Mickael Brown ? 18. #TrayvonMartin ? 17. #TamirRice? 12. How old next? 12 month? ‘Kill them before they grow’ Bob Marley ChT
— Christiane Taubira (@ChTaubira) November 25, 2014
Closer to home, the Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail wondered what was next for their neighbor. "After Ferguson, America’s conversation about race has only just begun," an op-ed in the paper read. The same paper had previously used the events in Ferguson to marvel at how effective its own policing was in comparison ... In India, a reporter for NDTV, the cable news channel, said that “the case epitomized race crimes in America” and that the photos of protesters evoking the images from Tiananmen Square ... In Turkey, a country that has seen its own heavy-handed response to protests criticized by the international community, there were reports that the country's official press agency Andalou News had sent war correspondents to Ferguson ... Iran's state-owned Press TV ran stories that focused on the protests in 90 other U.S. cities, which it noted started "after St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch said that white police officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted and that he would not even face charges for killing the unarmed African American." ... Ferguson also gained the attention of the United Nations human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, who released a statement asking that U.S. authorities review the "deep and festering" distrust in the country after the shooting and grand jury decision ...
(Washington Post). They pick on American "fascism," but don't they know that only 27% of American presidents have owned black slaves (The Germ Theory - of Government - 7), and that only a few black slaves were required to build the White House and Capitol (Black Slaves Built White House & U.S. Capitol)?

UPDATE: The Ferguson prosecutor conspired with racist perjurers to obstruct justice (The Smoking Gun).

"Season Of The Witch"
by Donovan


  1. The FBI does not keep anything but fuzzy records concerning police killings.

    However, one private blog keeps accurate records: link

  2. A take on the Ferguson grunt jury by a law blog (The Ferguson Lie).

  3. 1966! Those were some great times! (at least some of them) And that was a pretty good song too. (imho)

    I find myself wondering how much longer the PTB will keep pushing and poking at the general population before they pull out the stops and provoke a civil uprising that will enable the declaration of martial law.

    Police departments have been and are being militarised across the country. Reconnaissance drones are already being used to supplement the "security" cameras that are appearing everywhere. How long before there weaponised cousins are used for "law enforcement"?

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