Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Decline Of The American Republic - 4

Plateau Glacier, AK (1961, 2003)
In this series it has been pointed out that large empires go down in stages and phases.

Not totally unlike a glacier retreating into oblivion as it melts into obscurity.

At some point the glacier can even appear to be advancing because of what is perceived to be increasing ice flow.

But, actually the "advance" is caused by a river of melt water flowing underneath the ice.

That sub-surface flowing water lubricates the ice above it, and makes it slide forward in what appears to be a growing glacier ... then, suddenly reality strikes, an abundance of icebergs may appear too, but upon closer observation, reality clearly is there, and we find that the glacier is actually going in reverse.

Finally, the only memory of that empire is on its "gravestone" ... the history books:
"In other words, a society does not ever die 'from natural causes', but always dies from suicide or murder --- and nearly always from the former, as this chapter has shown."
(A Study of History,  by Arnold J. Toynbee). Likewise, the U.S. empire appears to be advancing into the middle east:
"By one estimate, the United States has spent $10 trillion protecting Persian Gulf oil supplies over the past four decades."
(The Bases of War in the Middle East). Actually, they are protecting Oil-Qaeda (Oil-Qaeda: The Indictment) a.k.a. the private empire (MOMCOM: The Private Parts) in the epigovernment (Epigovernment: The New Model).

Yes, Oil-Qaeda is subsidized by a socialized military propaganda-protection program (MOMCOM - A Mean Welfare Queen) which the propagandists call "foreign policy" or even more delusional expressions:
And in all this, the U.S. ... lost the moral high-ground as well. The president himself unleashed brutal torture across all theaters of war – effectively ending any moral authority the US has in international human rights.

These are difficult truths to handle. They reveal that so many brave men and women died for nothing. And so we have to construct myths or bury facts to ensure that we maintain face. But these myths and amnesia have a consequence: they only serve to encourage Washington to make exactly the same mistakes again. To protect its own self-regard, Washington’s elite is prepared to send young Americans to fight in a war they cannot win and indeed have already lost. You see the blinding myopia elsewhere: Washington’s refusal to release the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on torture merely proves that it cannot face the fact that some of the elite are war criminals tout simple, and that these horrific war crimes have changed America’s role in the world.
(What Washington Refuses To Admit, emphasis added). Other untaxed corporations funded by Oil-Qaeda appear to be non-political --as they divide the country with hostile anti-Americanism (ALEC Lies To Cover Up Lies).

Even The Supreme Politicians come out of the closet without fear of oversight or reprisals (Supreme Court neoCons Are Robed Politicians).

As disaster approaches (IPCC Latest Report) a suicidal cry rings out from the dark halls of congress for more of the same (Congress On Keystone XL Pipeline).

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  1. Big Brother and Uncle are all watching you with aircraft .... intercepting your phone calls ... link

  2. "Every branch of the United States Military is worried about climate change. They have been since well before it became controversial. In the wake of an historic climate change agreement between President Obama and President Xi Jinping in China this week (Brookings), the military’s perspective is significant in how it views climate effects on emerging military conflicts.


    At a time when Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bush 41, and even British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, called for binding international protocols to control greenhouse gas emissions, the U.S. Military was seriously studying global warming in order to determine what actions they could take to prepare for the change in threats that our military will face in the future.

    The Center for Naval Analysis has had its Military Advisory Board examining the national security implications of climate change for many years. Lead by Army General Paul Kern, the Military Advisory Board is a group of 16 retired flag-level officers from all branches of the Service.

    This is not a group normally considered to be liberal activists and fear-mongers."

    (Does Our Military Know Something We Don't About Global Warming?).

  3. When psychologists institutionalize denial the republic is evaporating: link