Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Got Your Voter Id Fascist Republicans - 2

A few days ago I pointed out how the GOP is trying to destroy the right of many, many Americans to vote.

I also mentioned that after a long trial, a Texas judge had shut down the obvious fascist GOP attempt to destroy the rights of voters in Texas.

The renegade Fifth Circuit, unusually and quickly, reversed that Texas federal district court judge in an emergency appellate proceeding that would normally, under appellate rules, have first been considered in the district court:
Defendants promptly sought a stay in the court of appeals rather than going to the district court, which had an intimate knowledge of the Texas election process and the conditions that would exist under various scenarios, i.e., whether the new law or the old law would create more confusion for this upcoming election. 1 The court of appeals, rather than directing the State to go to the district court in the first instance (as ordinarily required by the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, FED. R. APP. P. 8(a), and as would have been productive in this instance given the district court’s detailed familiarity with the record), entertained the request for an emergency stay.
(Supreme Court Motion, p. 3, PDF). In other words they went over the head of the district court judge in a way that is not usual.

Here is the post from last Thursday:

The supreme court and other courts are giving the Luddite Mafia, the wrong wing of the Republican Party, some clues (one appellate judge, Posner, who recanted from a prior opinion of his, points out it is a problem promoted by conservative state legislatures PDF).

In case they do not get it, now hear this from Lewis, you pigs:

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