Friday, September 26, 2014

Databases Galore - 4

It is Friday and I have been busy the last few days on, among other things, the climate data which various entities provide.

You, I, or any congress member who wants to find out for themselves can get a free copy of the record of temperatures.

The data are available from various agencies such as NASA, NOAA, the World Bank, and various universities (Databases Galore, 2, 3).

I have been reporting on this and demonstrating the availability of the data to anyone who wants it, and who wants to cut down on faith and trust while increasing real knowledge (The Pillars of Knowledge: Faith and Trust?).

I am beginning to graph the data with another tool (sciDavis) freely given to those who want a very robust application.

The graph above is composed of data from NASA which shows temperature ups and downs from 1880-2013 ... but the big picture is the steep trend over the past thirty years with heat going into the ocean the previous few years.

I downloaded raw data, cleaned it up for insertion into a mySQL database managed by a mySQL Server, then wrote programs to extract the data based on queries, and now am going to do lots of graphs.

Have a good weekend.

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