Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Government Climate Change Report - 9

In this series we have been blogging about the expected details of The National Climate Assessment.

But now the waiting is over and everyone is talking about the newly released report (Guardian).

The report was officially released yesterday (Download Page).

Al Roker, "the weather guy," even interviewed President Obama at the White House.

The president pointed out the most relevant new way of talking about what is going on, and that "new way of talking about what is going on" involves the obvious "IT IS HAPPENING NOW even in the U.S.A" (paraphrased).

They are catching up fast, seeing as how it has been happening all along NOW and IN THE USA for so long.

A few months ago, before the president realized that it was happening here and now too, not just on Mars and other places "out there," he was helping Oil-Qaeda to screw the pooch in Arctic waters (Barry & Oil-Qaeda vs Arctic Wilderness).

He even re-licensed BP to screw the pooch in the Gulf of Mexico again (BP may drill again in oil spill reservoir).

Meanwhile, Americans are still dying, as are other species, as a result of that spill that is "Oh Well, shit happens but we must lean forward now" (Wildlife in Gulf of Mexico still suffering, BP: Four Years On).

You are "doin' a heckuva job Barry."

Aren't you Barry?

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  1. Marco Rubio is part of the ignorati who did not take science during his life of education in Sunday School. Isn't that special: Link