Tuesday, January 21, 2014

White House & Capitol Built By Slaves ! - 2

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Regular readers know that Dredd Blog reviews history every once in awhile so we can repeat it.


Yes, if we don't repeat history once in awhile everyone will forget it and it will not be remembered, so we will just repeat it again as if that madness had not happened way back, way, way back, way, way, way back, and also not so far back in the chapters of US history we deny ever existed (Blind Willie McTell News).


So let's go over this history again so we don't repeat it too many times.

Here is the post from Dredd Blog on this date in the year 2009:

The White House was built by slave labour. But now a daughter, yes a descendant of one of those slaves lives in the White House. Amazing!

We still have the records with the names of the slaves and the owners who were paid for the work their slaves did. The First Lady is a descendant of those slaves:
Did you know that slaves helped build the White House and the U.S. Capitol? Or that right in front of where Barack Obama is going to take his oath of office used to be a tent city for slaves and workers?
(Slaves Built White House and U.S. Capitol). America has moved on ... so ...

Imagine blogging on The People's Blog ...

Imagine the government allowing your input ...

Imagine change in action in your country and your world so that you can watch executive orders as they unfold ...

It is enough to inspire Americans to hold out hope over fear.

But, also don't forget the Dredd Blog post about a larger than life percentage of U.S. presidents owning slaves (The Germ Theory - of Government - 7).

Everybody's Gotta Live, by Arthur Lee

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