Friday, January 10, 2014

Clash of the Titans of Export - 3

"What economic problems?"
In this series we have been talking about American decline in the sense of international economics.

The photo of the book to the left is a propaganda attempt to cover-up the activities of the plutocracy that is plundering America which Dredd Blog has been discussing in several related series (cf. e.g. A Decline Of The American Republic - 3, Phase Five Of The Currency Wars? - 3, and She's Come Undone).

This is not a partisan political issue at its core, rather it is the result of the evaporation of American thinking of the type that is good for all Americans, and replacing it with the wounds that greed brings to a nation once it gets a foothold (see The Common Good series).

The fundamental problem in American thinking is the dementia of exceptionalism, which is the game kids play when they play pretend, but which game adults should lose when they step into the adult world (Exceptionalism In A Nutshell).

In the first post of this series we pointed out some indicators:
I pointed out a while back that just one state of The United States of Europe was a larger exporter than the U.S. or China.

Also I pointed out that the pacific was the place to watch in terms of economic power.

There is a report today which indicates that China overtook Germany as the number one exporter, but, lest the record become too contorted, let us not forget that The United States of Europe is composed of 26 nations; Germany being only one of them.

Nevertheless, this shows that Europe was hurt more by the U.S. financial debacle than China was. Nevertheless, the story here today for us is that the U.S. remains third.
(Clash of the Titans of Export). The dropped to third place in exports, but still maintained first place in total trade at that time.

The dementia of exceptionalism puts us to sleep as the rest of the world scene moves forward in reality, and thus, now we are no longer first in overall trade:
China became the world's largest trading nation in 2013, overtaking the US in what Beijing described as "a landmark milestone" for the country.

China's annual trade in goods passed the $4tn (£2.4tn) mark for the first time last year according to official data, after exports from the world's second largest economy rose 7.9% to $2.21tn and imports rose 7.3% to $1.95tn.

As a result total trade rose 7.6% over the year to $4.16tn. The US is yet to publish its 2013 trade figures, but with trade totalling $3.5tn in the first 11 months of the year, it is unlikely to beat China.

The shift in the trading pecking order reflected China's rising global dominance, despite a slowdown in economic growth last year.
(Guardian, "China Surpasses US"). This is happening as the suffers from its own self-induced American Feudalism, one of the self-induced punishments for worshiping war religiously (American Feudalism - 6, The Virgin MOMCOM - 8).

The previous post in this series is here.

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