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The Germ Theory - of Government - 8

This guy should try non-fiction
This post began in draft form as sort of a book review.

It originally started out as an observation of an "Onion event", an Onion oriented piece such as when someone reads an Onion article and thinks that it is serious nonfiction rather than a parody.

An article appeared in a news piece from a newspaper in India indicating that a geneticist was saying that humans evolved from the mating of a chimp and a pig, which led to a hybrid.

In the original draft of today's post I had written: "The work was so good that The Times of India believed it was non-fiction" and also "I am doing this book review to encourage the author, Dr. E.M. McCarthy, to do some non-fiction work."

Then I found out that the author Dr. E.M. McCarthy was serious about his hypothesis when I closely read "Human Origins" at his website, "Georgia geneticist challenges evolution, links humans to pigs" at The SaportaReport, and "A chimp-pig hybrid origin for humans?" at Phys.org.

Those writings explain in some detail the hypothesis about how humans are likely a hybrid species which evolved as a result of a tryst between a male boar pig and a female chimpanzee.

So of course I had to modify the draft into what it is now, but at the same time I poked a bit of fun at myself for almost doing what I had thought The Times of India had done.

You may be wondering "Why is this information appearing in this series, The Germ Theory - of Government?", so let me explain.

First off, there are plenty of signs that our current civilization has become insane via lethal mutation (see e.g. What Kind of Intelligence Is A Lethal Mutation?, The Saboteurs, A Home in Harmony with Nature? Why, that's illegal!, The Criminally Insane Epoch Arises, The Peak of Sanity - 3).

The current hypothesis in this thread is that this condition is a result of toxins produced by microbial life which has been distorted by one or more of the previous five mass extinctions that have taken place on this planet (see previous posts in this thread, and e.g. Hypothesis: Microbes Generate Toxins of Power, Hypothesis: How Toxins of Power Are Neutralized or Removed, Microbial Languages: Rehabilitation of the Unseen--2).

The behavior resulting when a pig and a chimp mate to produce a hybrid is also a potential source for genetic disruption of the type that could produce harmful pathogens and/or parasites that in turn may produce toxins.

In the series The Uncertain Gene we discussed the subject of "junk DNA" a.k.a. "dark matter" (see e.g. The Uncertain Gene - 3) which details how most of the human genome has until recently been considered "junk DNA", but now is being called "dark matter" because of its many mysteries.

The point is that there are many things that could disrupt the minds of those in government to cause officials to behave in a manner that the citizenry does not like at all.

The mindless politics of a large part of government is also infecting establishment scientists to the point that when a new hypothesis, like the one Dr. McCarthy advanced, is rejected because "it is contrary to current theories" and the like:
However, the editor with whom I was dealing was clearly uncomfortable that the reviews had been mixed. On the one hand, one review was extremely complimentary, saying that the theory presented in the book was revolutionary and that it resolved many of the issues that have been problematic for Darwinian theory. Here's a verbatim excerpt from that reviewer's assessment of my book:
McCarthy masterfully develops an extended argument for a paradigm shift in evolutionary biology from the traditional view
Running for the House
that each new species arises gradually from a single ancestral form, to the novel suggestion that each new life form originates suddenly when its recombinant karyotype becomes genetically stabilized following a hybridization event between two distinct ancestors. This bold hypothesis the stuff of which Kuhnian revolutions potentially emerge is presented with eloquence, extensive scholarship, and verve. Importantly, the hypothesis entails empirically testable genetic mechanisms and evolutionary predictions, and thus may stimulate a sweeping research agenda." (to read the entire review click here)
On the other hand, there were reviews that raised objections, all of the same ilk — that my claims were inconsistent with one tenet or another of accepted theory. For those who shy away from anything that rocks the establishment's boat, such objections can never be satisfactorily addressed. And yet, for someone like me, who is trying to critique and improve upon standard theory, they are not even valid. Obviously, a new theory that contradicts an existing theory will be inconsistent with the tenets of that theory!
(About Gene McCarthy). Dr. McCarthy's experience with establishment scientists inspired his work "The Department" (a book shown in the graphic at the beginning of the post) to wit:
Check out my kindle novel, The Department, a satire of academic life, which includes an pig-ape hybrid as one of its major characters.
An anonymous review (from Amazon): "Satire, literary scholarship, comedy, investigative reporting, horror -- The Department has it all. It's Confederacy of Dunces + Frankenstein + Moby Dick rolled into one. McCarthy does a great job of populating a university genetics department with clowns, villains, heroes, mad scientists, and monsters while weaving a plot which leads inevitably to the substantial depopulation of that department. He takes a little time getting there, but it's always a pleasant, informative, and fascinating journey."
(About Gene McCarthy). The professor's hypothesis challenged current evolutionary dogma which is a virtual religion if and when it can't be challenged by a scientist who knows his science.

In closing, let me say that the behavior of government seems to lend credence to the hypothesis that some of them descend from pigs and apes, but have somehow devolved along the way (Chomsky, Greenwald).

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

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