Wednesday, November 27, 2013

TIME Magazine's Ecocidal Propaganda

Propaganda by TIME is ECOCIDAL
TIME magazine gets it.

Gets lots of Oil-Qaeda advertising money that is.

As does CBS & MSNBC in general.

They have enough mental criminality to say that the deer and other wildlife are a problem for serious consideration?

The civilization destroying pollutants their advertisers inject into our atmosphere, fresh water sources, soil, oceans, and life on Earth is not a problem says TIME's propagandist who has taken a leave of absence of sanity.

Remember the CBS 60 Minutes correspondent who did the same thing, fully embracing falsehood, propaganda, and bullshit --instead of competent journalism --who recently took a leave of absence.

TIME's Bernays Disciple, who implied that the fauna of our environment are pests, should permanently take a leave of absence too.

That propagandist is, among other things, in serious denial:
If I can’t bear to get interested, if the issue threatens my sense of how the world works or arouses emotions I cannot tolerate, that’s denial.
(The Problem of Psychological Denial). Which is dangerous to the public she claims to inform.
30% of species threatened with extinction

When species go extinct because of the business of TIME's advertiser Oil-Qaeda (Endangered Species, Smithsonian, Audobon, Nature, and On The Memorial Daze) during the currently ongoing Sixth Mass Extinction, they point the finger at deer on their cover to try to deceive people?

TIME (McTell News) is a terrarist organization that is part and parcel to a psychotic mass murder pact with MOMCOM and Oil-Qaeda.

Don't buy TIME because time is running out, as the following video shows.

On the surge of ecocide coming our way, as shown by scientific papers:

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