Thursday, October 31, 2013

Clash of the Titans of Export - 2

"It is our money now"
Over the past decade it has become well known that criminals have infested the U.S. government.

It is well known that the federal government is filled with neoCons, luddites, and know-nothings of the GOP T-Party.

It is well known that those wild-eyed extremist warmongers have seriously infected the other, once-upon-a-time mild mannered, Republicans.

It is also well known that the Democrats are having an identity crisis, constantly struggling for "balance", "compromise" and "civility" in government, which all too often means their capitulation to "only going halfway" with growing neoCon Republican madness.

It seems that they never get the idea that direction is the most important consideration for a ship, especially the ship of state (see e.g. Obama Administration Rides Into The W Sunset - 2, The W Direction = The Perilous Path, and Titanic Mistakes Using The W Compass).

The news is filled with rogue spying misadventures that have angered nations and peoples of the world, soiling the reputation of the U.S. even further (On The Origin of Security - 4, ACLU vs. Clapper, Alexander, Hagel, Holder, and Mueller - 6).

A reputation that had been soiled with a decade of warmongering and hedonistic jingoism rarely seen on the world diplomatic stage.

The military, speaking through NSA officials at recent House "Intelligence" Committee hearings, lashed out at the governments of the world, defending themselves by saying "they do it too."

Following in their footsteps, the U.S. Treasury Department, the zookeeper that distributes American Taxpayer monies around the world to puppet regimes and Epigovernment bank accounts, has now also lashed out at the victims of the military NSA peeping toms:
The United States reprimanded Germany on Wednesday, saying its exporting prowess was hampering economic stability in Europe and hurting the global economy.

The Obama administration has long called for countries with trade surpluses, such as Germany and China, to do more to spur domestic demand.

But in a semiannual report to Congress on international economic policies, the criticism of Germany stood out for its stark language and prominent placement.

"Germany's anemic pace of domestic demand growth and dependence on exports have hampered" efforts to make the euro zone economy more stable, the Treasury said in the report.
(U.S. Treasury Lashes Out At Germany). It is incredibly hypocritical for the Treasury Dept. of an economy that has had balance-of-trade deficits for longer than Ted Cruz's nose:
In 1975, U.S. exports had exceeded foreign imports by $12,400 million, but that would be the last trade surplus the United States would see in the 20th century.
(About Com Ecomonics). So, from 1975-1999 (24 yrs.) the U.S. consistently had a trade deficit, meaning we imported more than we exported.

That trend, habit, and/or failure has continued in the 21st Century, now totaling 37 years of negatives:

(PolicyMic, "...Our Negative Balance of Trade..." [they removed the graphic, so the Wayback Machine version they originally displayed is now shown]). The ridiculous pontificating by the U.S. Treasury Department becomes apparent when we consider what this means, as pointed out in the previous post of this series:
I pointed out a while back that just one state of The United States of Europe was a larger exporter than the U.S. or China.

Also I pointed out that the pacific was the place to watch in terms of economic power.

There is a report today which indicates that China overtook Germany as the number one exporter, but, lest the record become too contorted, let us not forget that The United States of Europe is composed of 26 nations; Germany being only one of them.

Nevertheless, this shows that Europe was hurt more by the U.S. financial debacle than China was. Nevertheless, the story here today for us is that the U.S. remains third.
(Clash of the Titans of Export). The U.S. is complaining that Germany's "exporting prowess [is] hampering economic stability in Europe and [is] hurting the global economy", but that our 37 year long inability to work up a trade/export surplus is helping our domestic economy and helping the global economy?

Here are two free clues for the treasury ghouls this Halloween: 1) lose the shackles of the epigovernment which drains the people's treasury  (Epigovernment: The New Model - 5), and 2) lose the feudal philosophies and polices of the dark ages (American Feudalism - 6).

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