Sunday, September 29, 2013

Follow The Immunity - 2

New Meaning of "National Immunity"
In the first post of this series, we focused primarily on the immunity of individual political figures and corporations from prosecution for crimes.

So, in today's post we will focus on the immunity of nations ... national immunity from doing wrong things to America and Americans.

Specifically, today Dredd Blog will focus on the nation of Saudi Arabia and its immunity from having done wrong to America and Americans --its immunity granted to it by the Epigovernment --its immunity talked about and declared in public in the media, in the press.

Since this has been revealed in another Dredd Blog series,  let's review the information from that post (Fighting Terrorism For 200 Years - 4):

Lest we forget: a day or so ago Saudi Arabian Royals offered to pay us in full to invade Syria and bring down Assad (The War Whores Ride The War Horse).

Hardball, March 1, 2012:

Morning Joe, March 1, 2012:

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