Monday, August 19, 2013

When The World Outlawed War

 I had not heard of the book "When The World Outlawed War" until recently.

The book concerns, among other things, the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928.

Interestingly, the pact would have (as an intended or unintended consequence) also outlawed feudalism (American Feudalism).

Not long after that agreement became official the largest and most deadly wars were fought.

Not only that, those wars included the use of nuclear weapons on civilian populations, and were fought between or among the first nations to have signed and ratified the treaty to outlaw wars.

And wars continue now, some 85 years later, as the memories of the treaty fade along with the rusting war tanks, mines, and other weapons slowly returning to the dust they came from.

That being the case, the probability formula P(H∣E.b) = P(H∣b)P(E∣H.b) / P(H∣b)P(E∣H.b)+P(¬H∣b)P(E∣¬H.b) says it is probable that war will get rid of us before we get rid of war.

I suppose that the mental state of those who engaged in the more recent wars is a consideration when attempting to solve the what-happened-to-the-treaty mystery:
In 2002, it was reported that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had told a friend an amusing tale about our man George W. Bush. It seems that the two of them and French President Jacques Chirac had gotten into an economics discussion, after which George supposedly confided to Tony that he was decidedly unimpressed with Jacques' views: "The problem with the French," Bush scoffed, "is that they don't have a word for 'entrepreneur.'"
(Jim Hightower, see also The Dogma of The High Priest In Chief and He Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken).

Which reminds me of the Dredd Blog series The Germ Theory of Government.

War "breaks out" like some disease, causes more disease, and brings the worst out in nations and peoples (see The Greatest Source Of Power Toxins? and Hypothesis: The Cultural Amygdala - 2).

Surely it must be caused by germs related in some way to the corruption of power?

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