Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Tale of Coup Cities - 5

Oil-Qaeda Cathedral - Bringing Me Down
This series sets out arguments and evidence that there is little to no doubt that a policy coup has taken place which has utterly changed the fundamental nature of the United States government in some significant ways.

But how do we find the perpetrators of the coup and the nature of its originators or perpetrators?

It used to be an oft repeated mantra that investigative reporters were to "follow the money" in order to get to the bottom or top of this or that officially induced crime and/or its cover-up.

That does not always work anymore because it is too easy to set up phony bank accounts and what not in offshore banking systems which are specifically designed to keep investigative reporting to an absolute minimum.

Yes, intended to keep 50 investigative reporters knee deep in paperwork which is designed to lead them down a false path, as well as frustrate them into giving up.

So, in the Dredd Blog post Follow The Immunity we proposed what is hopefully a better technique for discovering who the culprits are, and where they come from.

Anyway, in this series and those related to it we have quoted from Generals, Senators, Cabinet Members, and others who say both directly and "in so many words" that a coup has in fact taken place.

In so doing, we have also questioned the nature of the coup in the sense of whether it was a coup d'état or a less intense coup of another type.

In the "follow the immunity" department, we touched upon the immunity of the Saudi Kingdom because they are part and parcel of Oil-Qaeda.

Today let's take another look at the Saudi, Oil-Qaeda immunity, beginning with some insight from Informed Comment:
In recent weeks Saudi Arabia has launched an offensive against anti-regime activists arresting many and sentencing some to years in jail. Total number of political prisoners has now surpassed 40 thousand according to some reports. The crackdown has even forced a member of the ruling family to defect. RT Arabic spoke exclusively to Saudi prince Khaled Bin Farhan Al-Saud – who accuses the monarchy of corruption and silencing all voices of dissent.”
(Defecting Saudi Prince: Royal Family in Panic, quoting RT, emphasis added). The issue of corruption in both the U.S. and the Saudi governments, for not looking into the 9/11 attacks, has been noticed far and wide.

That includes the immunity of Saudi officials, which is expressed in the videos below.

The moving of the headquarters of Halliburton and USCENTCOM to the gulf area, where bases in Saudi Arabia and other oil kingdoms exist, is also telling (The Chamber of Corruption - 3).

The bottom line to this history, when it comes, will end a long-lasting saga started by none other than Winston Churchill, who began the policy of "managing" the Middle Eastern oil deposits about a century ago (The Universal Smedley - 2).

That bloody saga still drives western foreign policy, and it must be considered in any theory of a coup of the U.S. government (Viva Egypt - 2; cf. MOMCOM: The Private Parts - 5 and Epigovernment: The New Model - 3).

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