Sunday, June 2, 2013

He Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken

'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq'
There is little wonder why warmongering Israelis and neoCons get together on Highway 61 and whoop it up so often.

The warmongering Israelis long ago had a god "he whose name cannot be spoken" (HWNCBS).

Now, as that piety moves onward and upward, the neoCons have also created in their image one known as "he whose name cannot be spoken" (Bush II).
Shhhhh ...  Don't Say TWNCBS

One difference is that the latter day saints involved are a group known as "they whose names cannot be spoken" (TWNCBS), a group which Bill Maher addresses in the video below.

This group has been the subject of some scholarly works that have ended up in several books on the subject (On The Origin of Assholes).

I guess two of the doctrinal differences between HWNCBS and TWNCBS is where "those who glow in the dark" eventually end up and where they originate (NeoCon Planet: The Presidents of Kolob).

Bill Maher (click the Youtube button @ lower right):

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  1. In 2002, it was reported that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had told a friend an amusing tale about our man George W. Bush. It seems that the two of them and French President Jacques Chirac had gotten into an economics discussion, after which George supposedly confided to Tony that he was decidedly unimpressed with Jacques' views: "The problem with the French," Bush scoffed, "is that they don't have a word for 'entrepreneur.'"