Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dredd Blog Opinion of The Obama Administration

Some readers may be wondering about the criticism that Dredd Blog has been leveling against the Obama Administration lately.

So, today we will take a look back to show that Dredd Blog gave the Obama Administration a fair chance to show some change.

We criticized some progressives for not giving the Obama Administration a chance, and for condemning the Obama Administration way too early, before it was fair to determine what it would become after its entering into the realms of power.

On this date in 2009, a few months into the Obama Presidency, Dredd Blog opined that some progressives "compare Obama to Bush II, and then conclude that Obama and Bush II are the same."

We felt that it was too early to make that conclusion, and deliberately waited to see more before concluding in the different manner that we have recently (see Obama Administration Rides Into The W Sunset - 2).

Here is the text of that post on this date in 2009:

The Iranian election debacle has blown the clothes off some in the election integrity movement who fancy themselves as progressives, but whose political analysis capacity is actually now naked in the face of reality.

They continue to say Ahmadinejad is the good guy, the protesters are the bad guys, and the U.S. is behind the bad guys, so election results be damned.

In other words they are parroting the dictators of Iran, and harming the cause of the demonstrators in Iran who want fair and open elections.

Like the Iranian dictators, they compare Obama to Bush II, and then conclude that Obama and Bush II are the same.

This perplexing phenomenon has been cropping up since the women for choice left Clinton for McCain, who is not for choice, in the last election.

It is the result of cognition that goes awry based upon irrelevant notions; majoring in the minors; and one trick pony polemics.

In short, it is unstable.

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