Friday, May 17, 2013

I Hate You I Love You

The Common Bad - The Common Good
War - Peace.
Poverty - Prosperity.
Night - Day.
Bad - Good.
Sinister - Benign.
Hate - Love.
Propaganda - News.

We have all considered at some point in time that for every word that can refer to something on the "dark side" there is another word for the "light side" version of that something.

This either reflects the actual realm of existence in our family, religion, town, city, nation, civilization, Earth, and the universe, or it reflects the expansiveness of our personal and collective power of imagination.

That is, there is both a dark side and a light side or there is not.

The degenerate machinations of current U.S. politics is a struggle to cast the opposing party as an operation of the dark side.

This political construct damages any wholesome government -- which is one that considers all issues in a context of exploring and debating the merits of the issue at hand.

However, under the current structure the quality of government invariably suffers, which translates into the various degrees of suffering that this current dynamic imposes on the public, the citizenry.

The scenario can only be maintained if an imaginary world is perpetuated through the propaganda of officialdom spread by a degenerate media.

This current structure is how we got to the place we are --a war filled world teetering on the brink of the destruction of civilization through the pollutions of the only planet we have that can sustain human life.

So I guess we should add "Death - Life." to our list begun at the top of this post.

Seek the "I love you" side of The List:

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