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Oldest Bush II Job - Torture Meister - 2

Torture Meister
On this date in 2010 we revisited the Bush II torture program in the context of President Obama trying to eradicate torture on the part of the United States.

A Bush II speech writer, Marc Thiessen, was arguing in a book and elsewhere that the Obama Administration's putting a stop to torture would only cause terrorists to want to attack us.

Talk about lameness that needs to be reviewed and remembered, this is a case for that, so, Dredd Blog will continue to remember it until the voters drive the wing-nuts, neoCons, and lunatics of the T-Party out of sight -- since it is already too late to drive them out of their minds.

Here is the text from that 2010 Dredd Blog post:

Morning Joe on MSNBC had an interesting segment yesterday that overflowed into The Ed Show in the afternoon.

Lawrence O'Donnell was fed up with the Cheney lies a Bush II speech writer, Marc Thiessen, was fostering on the public during the segment, and said so. Thiessen has released a book that says President Obama is inviting terrorist attacks on the U.S. by stopping CIA torture programs.

The fact is that it was the Bush II policy up to and after 9/11 which increased and enhanced al Qaeda recruiting, and even enhanced terrorism around the globe.

"I miss being pampered"
A book by Richard A. Clarke, Against All Enemies, tells the story of the Bush II regime's utter and wide spread unawareness of the terrorist threat that was looming according to U.S. intelligence.

He tried repeatedly to tell them something was coming, but they would not listen.

Wolfowitz felt that there could be no attack against the U.S. without a state sponsor, and the rest of the regime was soft on terrorism as well.

Eventually Clarke resigned because the bushies were clueless, and were ruining the reputation of the U.S. in the world.

For the Bush II propagandist Thiessen to release his book claiming the Obama Administration is not as alert as the bushies were is the ultimate falsehood and hypocrisy.

Their torture of citizens from allies and foes set us back a generation in terms of our reputation and standing in the world.

Jon Stewart on Dick Cheney:

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