Friday, May 4, 2012

The Keystone Complex To The Rescue - 7

Today we revisit MOMCOM's foreign policy which we discussed on this date in 2010.

One knee jerk reaction which the neoCon Bush II regime implemented, to placate the blood lust of Dick Cheney, was to imagine a dangerous Iran that would lob missiles down on Europe's head.

To spice up that deranged fantasy the Keystone Komplex decided to build a "missile defense system" in Europe "to protect them from Iran", which was sure to tic off the Russians.

It did, and now Russia is threatening a preemptive strike against that system:
Russia may consider a preemptive strike on a missile defense system in Europe if the U.S.-led NATO project continues as planned, a top official said Thursday.

Russian Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov, in a sign of the tension between Russia and the United States over the missile defense plans, said during an international conference that a strike by his country might be possible.

"A decision to use destructive force preemptively will be taken if the situation worsens," Makarov said.
(LA Times, bold added, see also Rogue Fundamentalists). The Orwellian dogma "war is peace" seems to be the basic philosophy of the Keystone Kops.

Here is the text of the 5/4/10 Dredd Blog post:

Those who have watched episodes of the famous "Keystone Kops" know that they were a McKop organization, always trapped in the immediacy of knee-jerk reactions, but never very aware of the broader perspective.

We observed them going nuts like ants on an anthill where a large drop of rainwater fell, signalling "Danger Danger Will Smith" in a recent episode:
What can be said when a young naive boy burns his nuts off on an airplane while playing a video game in his head?

Especially when it causes the whole commercial aviation system, together with the infamous homeland security gang (disorganized into a strange meme-complex) to go nuts too?
(The Keystone Complex To The Rescue). Episode two at New York's Times Square, where a wayward Pakistani put half of a trailer park into an old SUV and, reminiscent of the song "Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town", took his SUV to New York Town.

These two failed episodes done by The Keystone Terrorists, who do not seem to be part of The Cavemen, an astute group of cavers who did 9/11, were promptly solved by the Complex.

Still, even though The Keystone Terrorists failed, they have already driven N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg back to the dark ages of the caves of Bush II, from where the mayor said "they hate us because of our freedoms", mimicking the Bush II lies.

Bloomberg said that to the country to indicate that Muslims hate us because of our freedoms.

A congressional study based upon world wide research, followed by ten days of testimony of experts, led to an utterly different conclusion:
The data presented at these hearings make it clear that people in other nations don’t “hate us because of our values”— but rather that they are disappointed with us because we aren’t always true to those values.
(Decline In U.S. Reputation, bold in original). Episode three of "The Keystone Turrisstss vs. The Keystone Kops" will be transmitted from GITMO where MOMCOM is starting a Military Court TV project.

Evidently the series is about how The Cavemen and The Keystone Turrisstss both move to the same trailer park, called South Park, near Miami's Cuban neighborhood.

They eventually meet then merge into "trailer trash" at first, but then they morph into The Moroccan Teabaggers shortly after drinking copious amounts of Budweiser.

The Keystone Kops eventually surround the South Park trailer park, where they astutely cut off the gas and electricity.

Glory be, The Moroccan Teabaggers surrender, whereupon everyone watching switches their TV back to the channel hosting a docudrama on the "afraid-of-Muslims" South Park (not the trailer park) series, where the current program is entitled "Why Don't The Moroccan Teabaggers Commit Suicide Like The Anthrax Terrorist Did?".

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