Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Imaginary Fiscal Cliff?

Corporate Warfare Welfare
The following videos will present short snap shots of current Washington Play Pretend about the McTell News hype intended to scare you out of your Social Security and Medicare wits.

Note that on either side there is little to no discussion about the nature of the U.S. Plutonomy.

To fill in that gap, there are several Dredd Blog series which document the seemingly mysterious U.S. Plutocracy and U.S. Plutonomy.

For examples, check out a seven post series ending with "The Homeland: Big Brother Plutonomy - 7", the series ending with the post MOMCOM: The Private Parts - 4, and the post War Is The Highway 61 of the 1%.

The first of the two videos features Robert Reich, a former Secretary of Labor; the second video features various neoCons who are obvious puppets of the 1% elite.

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  1. Other than a few cuts to the DoD budget, what are these perceived "Deep Cuts" in spending? The framework of the "Fiscal Cliff" dilemma is contrived by the Libtards in the media. Obama the tyrant will get his way with soaking the perceived rich, the economy will stall once again and the Demrats will blame Bush. End of story.