Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Supremes Are Well Oiled - 3

Are you in good hands with Oil State?
The "supremes" are those who call the shots, the supremes are those who do the governing, but the supremes do their governing from behind the scenes via The Private Empire.

These "big dogs" are international private dirty oil corporations who rule through the power of their vast wealth & the drug of nations: oil.

They are busy expanding the notion of national plutocracies into international dimensions, because they have become international in scope and influence.

They have politicians in their pockets, and have placed them in all the proper places, such as the place where they can appoint judges who are of the same ilk.

They have done this through a slow, ongoing coup, resulting in a judiciary that is the most far-right since the 1937, but they want to break even that record:
More than half of the federal judges in districts where the bulk of Gulf oil spill-related lawsuits are pending have financial connections to the oil and gas industry,
WE wee the people
complicating the task of finding judges without conflicts to hear the cases, an Associated Press analysis of judicial financial disclosure reports shows.

Thirty-seven of the 64 active or senior judges in key Gulf Coast districts in Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida have links to oil, gas and related energy industries, including some who own stocks or bonds in BP PLC, Halliburton or Transocean - and others who regularly list receiving royalties from oil and gas production wells, according to the reports judges must file each year. The AP reviewed 2008 disclosure forms, the most recent available.
(The Supremes Are Well Oiled - 2). They have the Supreme Five under their control, who recently did the Citizens United coup, a case that rendered politics the supreme location for the mantra "money talks, everything else shut up now."

Through the oil wars they are fulfilling their vision to have one supreme world plutocracy governing various nations, whose economies have been or will be converted into plutonomies, serving the plutocrats, not the people.

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