Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life After People - The Movie - 2

Downtown Ubi Sunt
Once upon a time Dredd Blog did a post that in essence asks "which is more important, the buildings or the people in a city?"

Buildings last longer than people, but when buildings "die" we don't bury them, nor do we put a gravestone at their grave-site, rather, they are "reincarnated."

This type of dynamic infrastructure is a subject relegated to the realm of ubi sunt.

So, on this date in 2009 we wondered, pondered, and contemplated the following:

I am looking forward to the series that starts on the History Channel Tuesday.

We have been touching upon that theme in articles of the Dredd Blog system for a while.

It is absolutely clear and certain, as things stand now, that humanity will not always inhabit this planet, because a new planet is required.

Life After People in that sense, then, is axiomatic.

However, how it will happen is where the mystery comes into play.

Will we leave for a new home world after having conquered our problems?

That would give one meaning to "Life After People".

Or will we destroy all people here before we develop the futuristic space travel required to move to a new home world?

The latter episode would give an entirely different meaning to "Life After People" wouldn't it?

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