Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Elections of Pontius Pilots - 2

One can't help but notice the similarities that exist when a comparison is made among politicians running for office this election cycle.

That comparison would be to compare them to the pilot captain of the Costa Concordia pictured in its place of unrest above left.

In the first post of this series Dredd Blog pointed out that none of them are really what they say they are, nor can they really do what they say they will do, thus the ship of state awaits an uncertain demise, a place of unrest.

Some of those who lie, cheat, steal, and beg for your vote, are not as competent as the captain of the ill fated ship in the photo above.

Yet, they promise you that they will be a heroic Sky Pilot In Chief, while commanding a vast armada of ships, planes, tanks, and nuclear WMD, spread around the world.

"Fake me to your leader" is an apt description of this phenomenon, which will be analyzed more deeply later in this post.

Some of you can experience what psychologists mean when they teach us that we "transfer" our emotional expectations and trust from our parents to our government, as we become adults.

Once that transference has taken place we tend to no longer look to our parents for such things, but rather we tend to look to "a greater power" for those things.

Some of you can experience the presence of the phenomenon, by realizing that you tend to think that your vote will elect a person, and will then propel that politician into the seat of Sky Pilot In Chief, who will then lead us to a promised land.

A land where the American Dream dwells in full force and effect still.

Or, you can remember your experience of that phenomenon, by noticing the absence of it.

That happens by remembering when you first thought that way, before you changed your mind upon a closer analysis, then comparing that old memory to the different understanding you now have.

The reason the tale they tell is no longer true now, whether it was ever true or not in the first place, is that our empire is in serious decline (Things Have Changed).

The Sky Pilots In Chief, whom we elect, are mere puppets of a demented fog of ideology held by a few, called by some "the 1%" realm.

They are the full embodiment of the captain of the sinking ship of state, yet who require that their carefully selected puppets dance their dance (not our dance).

The Carnival Cruise Company (nice metaphor for MOMCOM) is now offering a 30% discount (through IRS of course) to those who were on the ill fated liner, who survived, and who want to take another voyage with them.

This degree of being out of touch with the populace they interact with is only matched by Pontius Pilots.

If "Pontius Pilots" seems like a mysterious phrase to you, here is a clue: you will elect one or more of them in November.

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