Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wall Street Peaceful Demonstrations - 2

Dredd Blog began to mention the peaceful Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in the first post of this series (see also here, here, and here) beginning a month ago.

Those demonstrations are big news everywhere now (see here, here, and here).

We fully support the protests over the 1% - 99% disparity caused by the robber barons (which we call MOMCOM because in our culture government is a parent).

Nevertheless, we still think that the plutocracy which created the plutonomy is the work of a ruthless bunch of thugs, but that neither the Occupy Wall Street protests nor elections will change the status quo.

Not because justice will or won't be done with regard to the protests, but because injustice has become institutionalized as the lifeblood of America, through not only endless wars of aggression abroad, but also by the class war of the elite against Americans at home.

We have said that Marx was accurate in everything he said about future US economy, except when he said Americans would throw down the plutocrats who, through an economic-military coup, began to rule over them.

That being said, in this case Dredd Blog can think of nothing that would be better than for Dredd Blog to be wrong on this issue, for Marx to have been correct, and therefore that the 99% Americans, through demonstrations and elections, will throw off their captivity by 1% Americans so that the old America can return.

The first goal would be a 50% - 50% America (the old America).
The American Way Of War

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