Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Countdown - 6

Fear is known to have the capacity to paralyze the mind to such a degree that it cannot function in an unbiased manner.

Previous posts on Dredd Blog addressed the psychological impairment done to journalists and scholars by the events on 9/11/01 and the directly related wars that followed.

In the series State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD), we covered those issues as revealed in crisp, clear quotes from a scholarly behavioral journal which focuses specifically on those fear based behavioral dynamics that to this day are plaguing journalism and government in America, both still swirling in the long wake of 9/11 events.

We have perused the subject in many ways, including not only the quoting of shocking statements from professional publications specifically dedicated to the behavioral impairment we call fear, and other such impairments, but also including contemplation of the very structure of the brain itself, isolating the very brain component where fear is known to flow.

So, each day beginning 9/4/11 up to and including 9/11/11, Dredd Blog is doing posts that deal with the questions and concerns millions of people around the world still have about the Bush II Commission and their 9/11 report, which started the ongoing controversy.

We are doing this series because journalists in the main stream media tend to give "equal time" to every story under the sun except the opposing view of 9/11 events.

Therefore, in proper journalistic tradition, Dredd Blog will present the counter points raised by various expert professionals who are unabashedly contrary.

It is the scholarly thing to do, in as much as a university in Canada is doing the same thing during this time frame (see Toronto Hearings).

A university professor of 30 years tenure is interviewed in the short clip below:

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