Thursday, June 30, 2011

Survival Of The Fittest Willie McTell

Regular readers here know that the Dredd Blog nickname or caricature of the U.S. press is Blind Willie McTell.

Those who watch Fox News then MSNBC News, for comparison purposes, are going to experience what was expressed in the post All Truth Is Local, where this blog focused to some degree on variations in the "truth" notion.

The survival of the fittest U.S. press organization (see photo of a press to the left), as it turns out, really does not have anything to do with the most fit news, the most fit truth, but instead turns upon the same dynamics that determine which brand dominates in "the market".

When the truth news business does its business like the corporate monsters then it is a corporate monster itself.

The blogosphere causes fear in McTell, so you hear cheap shots and ad hominem slander against "the blogs" all the time.

As if all blogs were the same.

In the social world today survival of the fittest means imperialism, domination, and ultimately "might makes right", so they broadcast anti-internet / anti-blog propaganda in an attempt to protect "their turf".

Their is a lot of mental illness which can be attributed to the media version of Blind Willie McTell.

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