Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The International Language: Doublespeak.gov

The Japanese Prime Minister declares that things are "stabilizing" at the same time the Japanese Nuclear Regulators raise the nuclear disaster severity level there to seven, which is the highest it can be (it had been five).

In Indonesia, cigarette smoke is promoted as a cure for cancer.

Meanwhile here in the USA Ann Coulter says radiation is good for us.

One priest of propaganda, MOMCOM's father, who said propaganda is essential in order to "engineer democracy", would be so proud of his protégé for spreading his doctrine and dogma around the globe.

Globalization is just another word for spreading the spin meme complex to every nation around the world, so that all governments lie through their teeth (in a proper and sophisticated manner of course) to their people.

The propaganda organs who spread the word are the 1% who see the populace (the 99%) as beings inferior to them, beings who need MOMCOM management in order to be free, to be secure, and therefore to survive.

The realm of MOMCOM, which is the entire globe (all nations, all people, all resources) is segregated into USNORTHCOM, USPACOM, USSOUTHCOM, USEUCOM, USCENTCOM, and USAFRICACOM.

Yes, those six COM areas under the military tutelage of MOMCOM cover the entire Earth.

The recent "budget cuts" here in the USA, promoted as a halt to "excessive government spending", involved a 5% increase to obvious MOMCOM military programs.

It is even more than a 5% increase if you include the classified hidden budget, which you or I can't know because it is a "state secret" (it is for only the wise 1%).

Dredd Blog has talked in the past about the meaning of the bad word "government", as it is used in the MOMCOM media, including a discussion about how that meaning does not include MOMCOM.

It only includes the areas that the people are fed up with (the congress, the president, the courts) which someday MOMCOM plans to eliminate then replace with MOMCOM organs, so as to "save democracy".

MOMCOM is preaching that bad "government" is spending too much on Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment, education, health care, unions, etc., but is not spending enough on the military.

So the wasteful congressional spending on Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment, education, health care, unions, etc., was cut or else "the government" would have been shut down.

The military spending was increased, which illustrates the point that bad "government" spending does not include the military.

In doublespeak, the language of the rulers, a "strong military" now means a world dominated by a military empire, but to the populace it is sold as "security".

That is the W direction we are following, because the peak of the oil wars is ahead of us, while the beginning of the oil wars is behind us.

The graph shows military spending at 58%, but that does not include mercenaries (contractors) or the spy endeavors associated with military operations.


  1. Save us from "government" Mr. military man, you are so secure, so handsome, so under control.

    That is an order.

  2. I am going to buy a grove of apple trees and a bag of Macs!

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  3. Probably not a bad idea Kathy.

    Washington's Blog has an article showing results of tests around the nation which support your sentiment: Link

  4. Gives new meaning to COMmies ... eh?