Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Open Thread

Your turn ...

North Korea Provocations Continue
Will BP Make it Right
Admiral Supports START


  1. The ongoing START treaty flap is really illustrative of the current state of affairs in Washington, and really has NOTHING to do with the START treaty itself.

    As bloggers across the shere have been quick to note, this is all about the right wing torpedoing Obama once again in any way possible. What most miss is that this is still win-win for them regardless, even though at first blush they appear to be hampering the nation's actual "defense," if that word even still has any meaning.

    Their real intention is to - without exception - come out to the (hard) right of any issue available, even if it means being to the right of the top military brass and Bush's own appointee, Gates. As you all remember, Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney had no trouble whatsoever differing with and/or scapegoating any general who didn't toe the party line, so it should surprise no one that the current bunch of "chicken hawks" don't either.

    It's all just politics and playing to the base, which is notable for its lack of sophistication and inability to grasp nuance when it comes to policy arguments (to put it nicely). It also shows the direction of things to come, as this is likely just one of the first salvos in the mounting siege of Ft Obama.

    Unfortunately Obama made his bed during the last two years, practicing his best Chamberlain appeasement routine before GOP minorities in both houses, and proving that he was just as spineless as his detractors before the election said he would be. So no sympathy here.

    His last two years are going to be one big campaign stunt after another on the part of the GOP wannabes, and we will all no doubt suffer the consequences. Illustrative once again of the fact that the patient's still got a long way to go to hit rock bottom, which, unfortunately, is what it's going to take to ever have a hope of full recovery. If then. I'd still have my doubts.

  2. START has not had much of a start so far.

  3. Looks like we might have a holiday war this year to make the yuletide bright. Maybe they'll put it on the TV so we can all watch in between football games.

    Seriously, this time 1996 I was with the 8th Fighter Wing ("the Wolfpack") at Kunsan AB ROK (South Korea), so I know those boys and girls are jumping through some serious hoops tonight, and will no doubt be doing so for quite sometime to come, even after the whole affair has blown over in the popular press. Keep it together over there 'Pack, and don't get crazy with them nukes unless you REALLY have to!

    On a different note, it'll be interesting to see how the whole "TSA opt-out" brouhaha plays out over the next few days. Me thinks it'll be much ado about nothing (as usual), indicating that once again, American people are deep down... well... sheep. What can you say? Baaahhh!