Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cut The Greatest Entitlements Now!

The military, the oil companies, and the media complex (MOMCOM) harbor a subconscious myth that they are the beautiful ones who bring the primitive citizenry its food, shelter, wisdom, and security.

Another of the more prevalent myths in today's neoCon cacophony, masking as a debate on national issues, is that wars are free, costing the nation no tax dollars.

The institution that gets the greatest entitlements is the military portion of MOMCOM.

Oil barons of the oil companies struggle to take over first place in that race for entitlements.

Additionally, the neoCon regime of the past decade gave the rich 1% of MOMCOM the greatest tax cuts, along with the greatest war profiteer contracts, covering all that up by not putting war costs in the budget figures.

It was covered up and hidden even from John McCain, who continually said "what economic problems?" up until the economy went over the cliff into oblivion, together with his and her presidential aspirations.

Voodoo Economics finally became well defined by Bush II and the neoCon elements who have infected the national thinking with deceitful propaganda up to this day.

It, the main stream media portion of MOMCOM, the wannabe water boy of despotism, dutifully carries the evil propaganda brew to the four corners of the Empire, yelling "take off your clothes, trust us."

But the changing of the diapers and the guard still must meet the smell test, which is simple arithmetic, not complex algebra.

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  1. Social Security Insurance was not mentioned in the post as an entitlement, most likely because it is not an entitlement, it is an insurance policy.

    Like other insurance policies, everyone kicks in a premium that is small compared to the coverage, but since everyone kicks in over an entire lifetime and only cashes in at the end, it works fine ... so long as MOMCOM does not steal it from the people.