Sunday, June 20, 2010

Open Thread

Your turn ... Weekend Open Thread

Father's Day turns 100 years old today. Happy Father's Day.
The Pentagon evidently does not like the intel it is getting from the other spy boyz, so it is re-opening its spy unit that used to spy on anti-war activists.

Karzai says Japan gets serious priority in mining ventures in Afghanistan as the competition heats up for Afghan resources.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals.” The truth in this statement should prompt police, investigators and prosecutors to vigorously investigate and prosecute – to the fullest degree possible – those who abuse animals in America

(National District Attorney Association).

The new "guy with the say" at BP demoted the guy who was making gaffe's (Hayward), then went on to say that BP likes the little people.

Dredd Blog identified them (the wee folk) quite some time ago.

The Sun is flexing its EMP muscle, reminding me of a post that shows how serious this straw that could break the camel's back is.

Warmest year on record so far, according to NOAA

Barton apologizes to BP for their having to pay for their gulf disaster.
Utah man executed by a firing squad.
The Empire Strikes Back - Internet to be unplugged?
Methane is at least 10 times more a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide - the Deepwater Horizon gusher has 40% methane in it ... Read Bubbling Up To A Rude Awakening posted about a month before Deepwater Horizon, to find out what a danger that methane is, since methane has begun to leak from the ocean floor even in the far north now.

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  1. First of all, I guess KUDOs must go out to Dredd for not taking a flyer on the Barton comment, which if ever there were a completely insane partisan comment to ever come out of a sentient being's mouth, was IT.

    Barton's comment was evidently so completely insane/honest that not even the GOP(!) could stomach it, and THAT'S REALLY SAYING SOMETHING!

    My take was even more dumbfounded, even by my relatively relaxed, albeit cynical standards.

    One REALLY has to wonder what crosses the mind of such an obviously insane, right wing, lying Republican in expressing such an obviously honest sentiment to the world in the face of such a monumental ongoing tragedy. I mean really, forget the political handlers, WHERE WAS THE COMMON SENSE of someone who has so far managed to get elected to national political office - albeit from the "Great State of Texas?"

    That said (you knew that was coming),the idiot Barton was actually only expressing the semi-official GOP party line, which is in fact what probably pissed them off the most. Why he humbly came out expressing contrition only minutes later perhaps says more about the current state of the GOP than any fact recent. When John Boehner of all people calls you down, you know you've REALLY gone beyond the pale.