Friday, April 30, 2010

What Next - Katrina's Ghost?

What happens if the Luck of Louisiana continues?

Think about it.

Hurricane season begins June 1.

With their luck, just as they get ready to plug the rogue and mavericky well that is trying to poison their whole state, Katrina on Steroids will hit them.

It will sink the rig drilling the relief hole, and the oil spill will then go up to 10,000 barrels a day leaking out.

There are news reports that another drilling rig has gone tits up today:
Officials say an oil drilling rig on its way to a scrap yard has overturned in Morgan City.

No injuries have been reported.

The rig overturned about 80 miles west-southwest of New Orleans. The Coast Guard said in a news release Friday that the drilling unit overturned in the Charenton navigational canal.

It can carry about 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel, but Coast Guard officials did not know how much fuel was on board. Coast Guard investigators say no fuel leaks have been found.
(NOLA). When it rains it pours, but when oil leaks things get nasty really, really fast and it stays that way a long time.


  1. Yeah that's right. Hurricane season is right around the corner again ain't it. Last season was pretty mild too, as I recall. Any stats on how hurricane activity is affected in El Nino years?

    Well, if all this shit had to happen to someone, it could'nt have hit a better bunch than the red state gulf coast. You can hear the GOP bitches squealing already, even as they say no sweat, just keep on drilling baby, drilling.

    Who knows, maybe light crude gumbo is a tasty treat? Or shrimp packed in oil, crude oil that is. A real bargain, as it comes packed in its own cooking oil for those on a tight household budget and/or living in the street.

  2. disaffected,

    The manifestation of huge storms last year was in typhoons. There were several monster typhoons stronger than Katrina was. Thousands died.

    In hurricane land (ALL WEATHER IS LOCAL) we were not hit as bad last year.

    Global warming changes things so predictions made on past data are not as reliable as they once were IMO.

    NOAA is expecting a robust hurricane year, but nature may want typhoons instead of hurricanes.

    But it does illustrate the threat offshore drilling poses.

    The "luck" MOMCOM produces reminds me of the song lyrics "if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all" ...