Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NeoCons Poll Downward Worldwide

Some years back, some time before the 2000 elections, the neoCons took over control of the rhetoric, machinery, and mantra of the Republican Party.

They continually moved the party to the right, castigating and forcing out most of the moderates.

They tried to brand themselves as "conservatives", but the conservative intellectual moderates like William Buckley knew better.

His son William Buckley Jr., while head of a famous conservative publication, openly voted for Barak Hussein Obama instead of John McCain for President of the United States.

While the neoCons fooled some of the people some of the time, they could not fool all of the people all of the time.

The public knows that the neoCons started a disastrous cowboy policy which destroyed the United States' reputation in the world, destroyed the economy, destroyed two countries, left the nation broke and battered, and still struggling to extract itself from two idiotic wars.

They started out with a national budget surplus, national prosperity, peace in the world, but left with historical deficits, highest unemployment, much more hate in the world, and a great loss of homes everywhere.

Now they have reaped the whirlwind causing their poll numbers to go down to all time lows:
Less than one in five voters (19 percent) expressed confidence in Republicans' ability to make the right decisions for America's future while a whopping 79 percent lacked that confidence.

Among independent voters, who went heavily for Obama in 2008 and congressional Democrats in 2006, the numbers for Republicans on the confidence questions were even more worse. Just 17 percent of independents expressed confidence in Republicans' ability to make the right decision while 83 percent said they did not have that confidence.
(Washington Post, The Fix). Now the neoCons are grinding out the hate speech, political propaganda, and are cranking up the slime machines filled with bile.

They ignore the fact that even President Reagan in 1983 prosecuted a republican Texas Sheriff for waterboarding, sending him to prison where he died of cancer.

Were all republican moderates destroyed in this neoCon process or is Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck all that is left of the neoCon's shame-filled legacy?

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  1. Make yourself heard, Neocon politics is cancer!