Thursday, October 1, 2009

Global Bad Air Day & Parochial Fantasy

Have you seen the CAT scan which shows your lungs on global air?

Regular readers know that parochial opinions about a global subject matter get short shrift on this blog because global realities require a global mentality.

The very air we breathe is starting to cross our borders presenting an immigration problem for our lungs:
"Air pollution does not recognize national borders; the atmosphere connects distant regions of our planet," said Charles Kolb, chair of the committee that wrote the report and president and chief executive officer of Aerodyne Research Inc. "Emissions within any one country can affect human and ecosystem health in countries far downwind. While it is difficult to quantify these influences, in some cases the impacts are significant from regulatory and public health perspectives."
(Science Daily). Becoming robust citizens of the earth will require a robust United Nations which will require dropping parochial fears and fantasies.

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