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Searching For Lost Iraq War Memories

I Got 'R Dun Good.
The Bush II mission to start the Iraq war was accomplished about ten years ago.

As we try to remember how the Iraq war happened, we notice that a war of ten years ago is hard to write down as accurate American history.

In fact, just today, MSNBC's Morning Joe had to retract what they had said yesterday, because it was a false history of the Iraq war's beginning (it happens all the time).

They had said yesterday that Nancy Pelosi voted in favor of the Iraq war, but retracted that false statement today (cf The Stark Truth).

They had also republicanized a video, like convicted O'Keefe had done to a video about ACORN, by slicing it up to say the opposite of what Speaker Pelosi had actually said (she voted against the Iraq War Resolution).

If the people had any say in the lead up to that war, or if Pelosi had her way, we would not be trillions of dollars the worse for it, hundreds of thousands dead and wounded, millions displaced, the leaders of Oil-Qaeda with more cash in their international bank accounts, and America's reputation on the skids.

Often Dredd Blog pondered some of the whys of those days leading up to the invasion, occupation, and destruction of Iraq.

We succeeded in isolating some of the dynamics that were in play behind the scenes:
The book Fortress America, by William Greider, 1998, observes the U.S. military in these terms:
Until more money arrives, the defense apparatus is literally feeding on its own parts, pinching this and that, scrimping here and there, in order to keep the same Cold War force structure in place and the same lineup of new weapons moving through the pipeline of development. During the Cold War era, the military institution acquired a reflexive appetite for growth that it's now unwilling to give up. Instead, it lumbers toward a self-induced crisis of malnourishment, as when an addict's starving body eats its own liver.
(see Fortress America NY Times, 3rd World Traveler, emphasis added). The author observed the military being an addict, which is synonymous with dangerous and aberrant behavior.

Within a very short time after the book was published came 9/11 followed by the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

The drug of war became the salvation of the military and the weapons industry.

If the critics are correct that the Iraq war had to do with the U.S. addiction to oil, then, we can conclude that the perfect storm did happen, the shadow government took over, and it is here to stay.
(Is There A Shadow Government - 2?, 8/21/09). More recently information has been gathered to appropriately name that shadow government "The Epigovernment."

More than that, since General Wesley Clark also pointed out that a coup had taken place (the military budget doubled), we see the characteristics of an Oil-Qaeda dynamic within that shadowy epigovernment.

In the Dredd Blog series The Peak Of The Oil Wars through The Peak Of The Oil Wars - 8 as well as Iraq: World's Number One Oil Producer? through Iraq: World's Number One Oil Producer? - 8 we watched as Iraq became the number two oil producer in OPEC.

Finally, we postulated that Oil-Qaeda may be covering up Iraq and Libyan oil shipments to the U.S. military, as well as trying to cover up the approaching peak oil, while attributing "new oil reserves" to tar sands and shale oil (The Peak of The Oil Lies - 5).

There is abundant evidence that the Iraq and Libyan wars were about oil.

But many still ponder the question "Oil-Qaeda would not lie to us would they?"

Links to songs about lies here.

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