Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Climate Catastrophe Policy: Triage - 10

Climate Change Divides America
This is not the final post in this series which began on September 28, 2009.

The events that transpired over the past week, the Hurricane Sandy saga, help Dredd Blog to now hopefully give the full meaning of this series, that is, to complete our elucidation of government climate catastrophe "policy."

We have not cast aspersions on the efforts of first responders, meteorologists who warn us, nor government officials struggling with what to say to comfort the populace.

A populace that faces the catastrophe of the global warming induced climate changes that fossil fuel addicted civilization has caused; along with the offspring of that climate change: weather that has become wild and destructive, yes, weather that is wired to get more and more destructive.

Rather, our criticism is that the government continues to do what causes these catastrophes, yes, our criticism is that government has doubled down on the addiction to fossil fuels, therefore guaranteeing more and larger catastrophes than Hurricane Sandy has just brought to us.

The government policy is to get our fossil fuel drug at home rather than abroad, as if where you buy an addictive and destructive drug is how to control the addiction:
Consider that one similar theme at the two conventions was "let's get off foreign oil", that is, let's use local oil instead of foreign oil so that we will be more secure.

This theme will eventually give rise to "all oil is local", but how does that help with the addiction to dirty oil, because we must still ask "is local oil clean, is local coal clean, and is local pollution clean?"

Additionally we must ask "is the big issue concerning oil addiction who the dealer is?"

If we simply become our own oil drug peddler, does that heal our oil addiction?

Are we brazen enough to think that our oil is not addictive, our oil does not pollute, in effect saying "our you know what does not stink?"

The only sane way to look at this issue is of course to grasp the reality of the damage which the addiction does, and to stop using the drug no matter who is selling it, because not using the oil drug anymore is the only solution ...
(New Drug Dealer - Same Addiction). Our government is controlled by The Private Empire, which is owned at its core by the international fossil fuel cabals that have no allegiance to any one country.

Thus the Dredd Blog series conclusion is the same as the beginning:
New Climate Catastrophe Policy: Triage, indicating exactly what was going to happen and what has happened; civilization causes the catastrophe by becoming addicted to polluting fossil fuels; then they come in after addiction caused catastrophe occurs, using your tax dollars to bury the dead and clean up the damage; then they insure another catastrophe by continuing the addiction to fossil fuels.
The flooding of tunnels and subways was the worst in the 108 year history of that system of transportation.

That was predicted time and time again in the series "It Could Happen Tomorrow" on The Weather Channel, and was predicted by many other sources.

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