Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Memorial of The Unmemorialized - 2

"The Science Of War"
In this series we deal with the threat of nuclear war that all too many in the Plutocracy have not chosen to memorialize or memorize.

Even though it is the main anthropogenic threat to the survival of species, including the human species, the dogs of war are snarling up some trouble.

For some reason the "war on terror", often infamously called "the war on a noun", evidently is not panning out so well for the propaganda engines of the Homeland Plutocracy, nor is it panning out so well for its broader personality, the Private Empire, either.

So it seems that MOMCOM may be punting and going back to try to bring the zombie cold war back:
Russia has repeatedly stated that it would consider an attack on Syria as an attack on its national security. (And Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that if the U.S. invades the sovereignty of countries like Syria, it could lead to nuclear war. And see this.)

Now, Russia is allegedly selling attack helicopters to the Syrian government, and defending the sales because the U.S. is supplying rebels with weapons to fight against the government.

Cold War 2.0. And this time, China may participate.

Of course, Iran and Syria have had a mutual defense pact for years. So war in Syria could well drag Iran into a hot war.
(Washington's Blog, "Cold War 2.0"). In the previous Dredd Blog post we noted the dangers this foreign policy is bringing back:
This is because smoke from the enormous nuclear firestorms created by even a “successful” US nuclear first-strike would cause catastrophic disruption of global climate and massive destruction of the Earth’s protective ozone layer, leading to global famine.

Recent peer-reviewed studies, done by atmospheric scientists Alan Robock (Rutgers), Brian Toon (University of Colorado-Boulder), Richard Turco (UCLA) and colleagues, predict that such an attack would create immense firestorms that would quickly surround the planet with a dense stratospheric smoke layer.

The black smoke would be heated by the sun, lofted like a hot air balloon, and would remain in the stratosphere for at least 10 years. There it would block and prevent a large fraction of sunlight from reaching the Earth’s surface. The sharp reduction of warming sunlight would rapidly produce global Ice Age weather conditions. This would eliminate or dramatically reduce growing seasons for a decade and would likely cause the starvation of most or all humans.
(A Memorial of The Unmemorialized). The song "Who Let the Dogs Out" now can apply to The Dogs of War, who are barking up the wrong nuclear holocaust.

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