Monday, August 29, 2011

New Government Climate Change Policy: Triage - 4

As it turns out, the republican party is the mother of all climate change denial.

How did it all begin?

Both the history of climate science as well as the origin and history of climate change denial are documented and detailed in the following video.

This video will edify anyone who takes the time to listen to all of it carefully.

It is a lecture by a university professor who competently details the history of climate science back to the mid 1800's, thereafter going forward until the crucial point in time event, which was the time when scientific consensus on global warming took place in the late 1970's (consensus that climate change was a clear and present danger).

The lecturer then reveals how three republican scientists worked to get Reagan's Star Wars program going, then after that worked for the tobacco industry to promote the tale that cigarette smoking has nothing to do with lung cancer.

Their final claim to fame began with their formation of today's oft repeated climate change denier talking points:

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  1. Top NASA scientist James Hansen is one of those who spoke out 30 years ago about global warming induced climate catastrophe.

    He was arrested for protesting the oil pipeline from Canada, now being considered by President Obama.