Monday, July 5, 2010

The Empire Strikes Back - 3

This is a follow up to the post The Empire Strikes Back - 2 to show that the MOMCOM empire is relentless in its suppression of the free press.

The General McChrystal episode shook-up the military portion of MOMCOM, as well as the media portion of MOMCOM.

In response to the embarrassment Secretary of Defense Gates issued orders to batten down the hatches so as to avoid such embarrassment in the future.

They also changed the name of one of their divisions from Psychological Operations to Military Information Support Operations, an act that is propaganda based itself, because they are trying to cover up the "psy ops" they do everywhere, including in the U.S. itself:
Who is SSI?

The Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College publishes national security and strategic research and analysis which serves to influence policy debate and bridge the gap between Military and Academia.
(The Intellectual Warmonger). MOMCOM wants academics to speak the language of Pentagonia, capitol of Bullshitistan, just like the main stream media has been trained to do.

The main stream media went to battle with Rolling Stone for publishing the McChrystal article that caused the furor in the first place, but I think they did so because it shows the main stream media is nothing more than a member of the MOMCOM establishment who's job is to keep the people deceived about many things.

This pattern shines through in the Deepwater Horizon toxic oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico as well.

The Guards of MOMCOM fame ban free access to various cleanup areas and to refineries, to name a few.

As in the McChrystal affair, what they really want cleaned up is free press journalism that exposes them for what they are: propagandists.

This blog expected that behavior from the beginning, because when you have a "leopard" stalking at night you have stripes and you have stars.

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