Sunday, August 16, 2009

U.S. Down - France & Germany Recover

Many of us have been saying that two U.S. wars have a negative effect on the middle class and poor, but have made the war profiteers fat with plunder soaked in innocent blood.

Combined with the bankster plunder, these bad actors caused a worldwide recession on middle class and poor folk around the world. Untold millions have lost jobs, homes, and health care coverage.

It seems that Germany and France are pulling out of the recession even as it continues in the "Homeland", a.k.a. the United States:
Germany and France achieved a shock return to economic growth in the second quarter of the year, ending their recessions earlier than many policy makers and economists expected ...
(Reuters). They have not been running war induced deficits for almost a decade as the U.S. has, nor have they stopped taxing the rich who can afford to be taxed.

The plunderously rich warsters and banksters have stolen from the middle class and poor, and have put the plunder into Swiss banks and other offshore repositories, and have been drooling over it as their honest fellow Americans suffer and die.

It should not be too difficult to grasp in the abstract, that nations not at war will be better off economically than those that are at war; except that the warsters have propagated propaganda for so long that many people actually think that the waste of war brings prosperity to all.

The truth is that war benefits the warsters, the war profiteers, but impoverishes the rest of the nation.

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