Friday, August 30, 2013

Middle East Newspaper Articles Concerning Spanking Syria

"Bend over my desk Bashar, it's spanking time."
Today I thought I would provide some quotes and links to news sources in other parts of the world.

The subject matter is President Obama's spanking of President Assad for allegedly having gassed his own people with some sort of chemical agent.

Since that will have been illegal under international law if it is true that the Syrian President did such a thing, President Obama says he has the right to give Assad the whip of a bombing campaign.

Here are some quotes:
"Russian presidential aide, Yury Ushako said that any military intervention in Syria will deal a serious blow to the entire system of world order" (Russia: Military intervention in Syria will deal a serious blow to the entire world order).

Lebanese caretaker Foreign Minister, Adnan Mansour affirmed that any aggression act on Syria is unacceptable and outside the framework of the international legitimacy and the UN Security Council. (Lebanese FM: Any aggression on Syria is unacceptable)

Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, said that the UN Security Council must not adopt any measures against Syria before the UN investigation team on chemical weapons use finishes its mission, warning of any unilateral measure as it would not resolve the crisis. (Chinese Foreign Minister: UNSC must not adopt any measures against Syria before UN experts finish investigation)

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle announced that his country will not participate in any military action against Syria.

" Nobody asked us to participate in a military action and we do not think about that," Westerwelle said in an interview with a local newspaper .

This stance comes to reveal the split of the alliance which the administration of the US President Barack Obama is trying to mobilize as to wage a war on Syria after the rejection of the British House of Commons to participate in the aggression. (Westerwelle: Germany will not participate in any military action against Syria).
(SANA). This scenario is very much like the scenario prior to the invasion of Iraq and Libya, except for the resistance to administration efforts to build a "coalition of the willing."

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