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Is A New Age Of Pressure Upon Us? - 4

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In this series we have been noticing some of the esoteric aspects of global warming induced climate change, for example, earthquakes and volcanoes.

Which is yet another aspect of reality missed by the simpletons of denialism.

Those who do not yet realize the size and viciousness of the tiger that polluting civilization has by the tail, the clueless media bozos of the mass media who ridicule not only the notion that earthquakes and volcanoes can be linked to climate change,  but who also ridicule even the non-esoteric aspects of the science.

This even though hundreds of thousands have already been killed and hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and destruction has already been done.

Meanwhile the simpleton deniers think global warming understanding is a simple matter of reading the Bible, perhaps prophecy, conveniently forgetting that preachers are not the source of scientific prophesy, scientists are.

We have pointed out one of the scientists, Dr. McGuire, who foretold earthquakes and volcanoes in the context of global warming, as well as pointing out time and again that he has already been proven correct:
"In places like Iceland, for example, where you have the Eyjafjallajökull ice sheet, which wouldn't survive [global warming], and you've got lots of volcanoes under that, the unloading effect can trigger eruptions," McGuire said.

With the changing dynamics in the crust, faults could also be destabilized, which could bring a whole host of other problems.

"It's not just the volcanoes. Obviously if you load and unload active faults, then you're liable to trigger earthquakes," McGuire told LiveScience, noting that there is ample evidence for this association in past climate change events.
(Global Warming & Volcanic Eruptions). That was a quote from a scientist, a geologist, who said, 2.5 years before it happened, that the Eyjafjallajökull volcano would erupt when the ice melted to become too thin to keep a lid on that volcano (European aircraft were grounded when the volcano erupted a couple of years later).

Dr. McGuire went on to say "if you load and unload active faults, then you're liable to trigger earthquakes", meaning that as the ice sheets melt, causing the sea level to rise, the weight of oceans on the Earth's crust will be redistributed around the globe, which will ease up on some faults, but push down harder on other faults.

Today, we can detect swarms of small earthquakes felt by seismographs around the globe every day, some of them generated from yet another esoteric global warming induced climate change phenomenon:
One of the more amazing facts about the ongoing destruction of the Greenland ice sheet is that it is producing earthquakes that can be detected worldwide. Now, fresh evidence is at hand to show that these “ice quakes” are spreading to previously quiescent parts of Greenland. We’re only in September, but it seems increasingly likely that 2012 will set a record for such quakes.
(Iceland's Ice Sheet Earthquakes, emphasis added). This is a type of small earthquake caused by glaciers "calving" massive chunks of ice, impacting the surface, and entering the sea to become icebergs.

In the previous post in this series we quoted the scientist who took the kid gloves off to explain the seriousness of global pollution issues to us, expecting us to be mature enough to handle it:
The bottom line is that through our climate-changing activities we are loading the dice in favour of escalating geological havoc at a time when we can most do without it. Unless there is a dramatic and completely unexpected turnaround in the way in which the human race manages itself and the planet, then long-term prospects for our civilisation look increasingly grim.
(Is A New Age Of Pressure Upon Us? - 3). In other words there is more than meets the eye, so we had better get busy changing our ways of pollution or the results will certainly change us in ways we will not find to be pleasant.

Some infamous members of the mainstream McTell News like to feed us pabulum to keep us asleep until the nightmare comes:
Primetime Fox News
WSJ Editorial
Climate Coverage
Mostly Wrong

An analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists finds that 93 percent of climate info on Fox News prime time and 81 percent on the Wall Street Journal Opinion pages is misleading.
(Scientific American). The larger, general media activity with regard to global warming induced climate change, is likewise wrong headed:
Political maneuvering aside, why are Americans so disengaged from climate change – arguably, one of the most critical problems of our time?

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt; it's also in places like North Carolina and perhaps even embedded into America's cultural DNA. According to the latest study from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, the American public's concern about global warming can be sorted into six categories, ranging from alarmed (13%) and concerned (26%), to cautious, disengaged, doubtful and dismissive (that's the other 61% of us). Among the many explanations offered for the knowledge gap are clashing worldviews, varying education levels, demographics, and the media's handling of the issue.

Even as evidence for climate change mounts and the consequences of the phenomenon become more severe, the amount of climate coverage on broadcast networks has plummeted.
(America's Miasma of Misinformation, emphasis added). So American media either lie about global warming induced climate change, or they ignore it.

Let he or she who has the most sin cast the first stone ... or do we get to the bottom of our biggest source of injury-death (military suicide and civilian suicide) which may be indications that media propaganda is divisive & deadly?

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.

How quaint?

There was a time
when the far right
the far left
were more cordial
one American to the other
perhaps giving rise
to the question

The full Wales Visitation (parts read to Buckley by Ginsburg in the video) is here.

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  1. Quoting from the link in Dredd's post at "scientific prophecy" is the following"

    "In the 1980s, I calculated that on Mars the atmosphere could have a natural frequency with the period of one Martian day. The day-night forcing then could excite a very strong resonant response. Incorporating this idea into a sophisticated computer model, I showed that the effect of this resonant response would be most clearly felt in two equatorial action centers and that the pressure swings there should exceed 8% of the mean pressure. The remarkable Curiosity observations provide strong confirmation of a resonant vibration of the global atmosphere."


    The Curiosity Rover on Mars has now proven the prophecy to be true.