Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Keystone Complex To The Rescue

What can be said when a young naive boy burns his nuts off on an airplane while playing a video game in his head?

Especially when it causes the whole commercial aviation system, together with the infamous homeland security gang (disorganized into a strange meme-complex) to go nuts too?

The Keystone Kops meme-complex comes to mind.

But it would be just another dumb, stupid, dazed and confused criminal episode but for the massively dumb and stupid media that like to call themselves journalists.

Like the Keystone Kops fused with The Three Stooges meme complex that supported Bush II wars, the so-called "free press" is falling all over itself to try to spread fear throughout the land.

But, alas, they are waxing comical instead.

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  1. I've always been a WC Fields guy myself. His well known anti-establishment sentiments would certainly have never fit the current meme, although his equally well known affection for drink might turn out to be prescriptive for the modern age.

  2. Anonymous,

    "Ah yes, reminds me of the time I was forced to live on food and water for three days" (W.C. Fields).

  3. And after Obama, I wonder how many people are likely to take this gem to heart:

    "I never vote for anyone. I always vote against."
    -W. C. Fields-

  4. Anonymous (1:56 PM),

    I tried to warn the Obama advisors not to forget that the election was a rejection election, rejecting the neoCon ideology, because Americans have a much better and humane ideology.

    I was afraid the Obama advisors would misinterpret what the people said, since Obama is a good American, and might think he could do what Bush II was doing without dissent.

    That is way wrong so the W.C. Fields effect you mentioned will kick in if the administration does not get it soon.

  5. "Comedy is truth, only faster"

    -Goldie Hawn

  6. I talked with Bush II, Dick "Chain Lover" Cheney, and several other neoCons about this post.

    They informed me that much of their behaviour was leaned in the barnyard.